Thursday, 16 April 2015

Secret Britain - Mysterious Moors of Yorkshire

Well, if it's a secret, don't go telling everyone about it... We don't want all those tourists trampling our heather. Or we do actually, since their money is a large part of what keeps the county going.

But just how secret is the North York Moors Railway? Or the gliding company on top of Sutton Bank? Or Rievaulx Abbey? Or the Roman artefacts in the Yorkshire Museum? Or the whaling past of Whitby? Lucky me, already knowing all about them.

Gliding atop Sutton Bank
Rievaulx Abbey
Yorkshire Museum
Whitby from the Magpie Cafe
But I didn't know about the three henges of Thornborough. (Since they are on private land.) Or the glassblowers of Rosedale. (But I have seen the Huguenot furnace at the terrific Ryedale Folk Museum in Hutton-le-Hole.) Or the Tan Hill Inn, being neither a miner, a closet acoustic singer, or able to ride a bike that far. And I have never seen the Whitby Yards, since I am always too busy queuing for my fish and chips at the Magpie Cafe. So thank you for all of those, oh you noisy drone camera.

Ryedale Folk Museum

But who knows where this is, with its similar concept to standing in the middle of a henge and watching the clouds?

Sorry, just realised these look rather phallic.

Or this railway?

Answers on a postcard or in a comments box please.

I felt the presenters were showing off a just a teensy bit... Although their attempt at rockclimbing soon brought them back down to earth. Not literally, thankfully.

But the photography was stunning. There is no God, but there is God's Own Country. Come and visit us sometime.

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